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Information for Members

This page contains useful information for members:

There’s also more general information about the club here; this includes information about the site, clubhouse, accommodation, chandlery and boatswains.

If you’d like to see other information on this page then please let the office know (

Information for new members

There’s information here about how to get a guided tour of the club – or simply advice.

Opening Times

Sailing times are from half an hour after sunrise until half an hour before sunset every day.  There is a rescue facility at weekends and on Thursday evenings from the middle of April until the middle of September – sailing is always at the member’s own risk. There’s usually a boatswain on duty, so it’s a good idea to inform them if you’re going sailing and there’s not many others around.

Members can receive a gate pass on payment of a deposit, to enable them to gain access on any day of the year except for Christmas Day.

Opening times vary according to the season but the main gate is opened at 8.30 each morning. There is a board at the gate displaying the time at which the gate will be closed. During winter, the gates may be locked as early as 5pm but in summer they are usually open until 6pm and until 11pm on Thursday evenings after Club racing.

A gate key may be issued on payment of a deposit for those who wish to be on site late in the day, However, members need to be aware that the Clubhouse and facilities maybe locked.

The office is normally open every day except Tuesday and Wednesday.

Catering is available from Thursday to Sunday, and, on an ad hoc basis, on Mondays.

Membership, Rules and Byelaws and all that

Information and forms relating to membership are here:

Club Sailing Events

A calendar listing all our events is now available here.

The programme of events for the year is also shown on the programme card:

Typical weekly events include:

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Tuesday 10:00: Ladies who launch    
Thursday 10:00: Sailability   19:00: Club racing
Friday 10:00: Ladies who launch
10:30: Senior Sailing
  18:00: Cygnets junior sailing
18:00 Steak Night to 2045 hrs
Saturday 10:00: Sailability 13:00: Junior Racing
12:00: Briefing for:
 Keelboat racing at 13:00
14:00: Saturday Social Sailing
Sunday 11:00: Club racing
10:00: Cygnets junior sailing
14:00: Team racing
   (meet by the Fireflies)After lunch: Mix and Match activities

Club Racing

There’s information about club racing  here. This includes what’s on, how to join in – including racing hints – and club racing results. 

Social and Other Sailing Activities

“Club Pro” events support and complement racing and training. If you need some pleasant informal coaching in company then these may be for you:

“Senior Sailing” is also available on Fridays – aimed at cruisers who like to sail together – contact the office for more details. Meet at 10:30 in the clubhouse for coffee and a discussion about the day’s sailing, sail from 11:00 to 13:00 and then lunch …

“Mix and Match” events take place after lunch on Sundays.  These events are aimed at those wishing to have relaxed racing, trying out new boats, and learning new skills. More info from the office.

Book your own duties

Information about booking your own duties can be found here.

There’s also a form for completing your duty roster, 2019




Various documents for download are available here