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Club Racing

We have a vibrant club racing scene.

What’s on?

For most of the year, there are series of races on:

  • Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.  Sailing instructions here
  • Saturday afternoons for keelboats and cruisers.  Sailing instructions here

The Club uses the Great Lakes Portsmouth Yardstick numbers for handicap racing, these can be found here.

There’s also a series of round the lake races, sailing instructions here

There are many special events, which are advertised separately, including:

    • Spring Open Regatta
    • Easter Camp
    • RSC Family Holiday Week
    • RSC Club Championships
    • Laser 2000 Club Champs
    • Club Youth Championships
    • Laser Fleet Club Championships
    • Chandlery Trophy Boxing Day

There’s informal “Senior Sailing” – mainly cruisers and keelboats on Fridays – contact the office for more information.

Details of club racing – as well as other information – is contained in the 2019 Programme card which is available for download.

Want to compete or help run events?

Most club racing is “around the cans” – i.e. around the club marks that populate the lake.  There’s a map of where they are here.  You can get a laminated copy from the club office.

If you’re not sure how to start racing, then here’s some racing tips. You can also get help from the sailing school or ask for help from your fleet.

Don’t have a helm or crew?  Look at our Helms and crew wanted page.

If you want to help to run racing, then please ask at the club office.  David Wilkins and John Fothergill can both help you get started. There’s also a Race Officers Guide RSC 2019

Taking Part in Open Meetings

In addition to the racing organised by the Club, members are always welcome to take part in Open Meetings – typically national and international regattas and competitions – that are held at the Club.  This gives club members the opportunity to sail with top sailors from around the country. Members do not have to pay the part of the fee for these meetings that is retained by Rutland Sailing Club – a part of the fee may go to the organising authority such as the class association or charity – and that will still have to be paid by members. However, in many cases, the fee will be substantially reduced, if not free for members.  More information about Open meetings that are coming up is available here

2019 Club Racing Results

Results so far for the current year are available here

Archive of Club Racing Results

Results are also available for previous years.