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Easter camp

There were 40 club kids out on the water over the Easter week taking part in the annual Easter camp.

Split into 3 groups – Inshore, offshore and Xtreme and ranging in age from 6 to 16 it was a great show of camaraderie and team spirit.

Tuesday started sailing single handers , getting back on the water and remembering which way to point your boat.   In the afternoon there was an option for double handers too.   After sailing there was a First Aid session by our local paramedic followed by the hugely popular Night Hike from Lyndon Nature reserve back to the club – in the dark….

Wednesday started with early PT session courtesy of the forces! With this complete the Offshore group moved on to ta game of having a game of tag on the water– or perhaps tangle would be a better name – a lot of fun was had.   In the afternoon there was the opportunity for everyone to sail in a double hander – either crewing for an Xtreme helm in a Feva or jumping into a 2000 with an adult.

In the evening there was the ever popular ( and controversial? ‘Capture the Flag’) followed by a relaxing evening or board games.

Thursday morning PT was delayed due to significant amounts of sleeping.

The sailing got going with the Offshore Group making it to the Tower and the Inshore group stretching their wings down towards the church.

In the afternoon the sun finely came out with strength and it was warm  – sunblock was applied although only from the neck down.   There was the opportunity to try boats you hadn’t yet had a go in with the Fevas and the Bics proving particularly popular.

The finale was a grand capsize practice with everyone getting wet. The older kids assisted the younger ones in a great display of camaraderie.

It was then cakes and home to bed! Another Easter camp completed – well done all.

This Saturday sees the start of Junior Racing – meet at 1pm – start at 2pm .

Sunday afternoons are aimed at everyone – this Sunday personal handicap pursuit race .

Published Date: 14th April 2018
Category: News