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Pursuit Racing Report – 11 November 2017

The last Saturday keelboat racing for 2017 saw six boats start race number seven of the pursuit series. The committee boat picked up a mooring buoy to windward of W and set a 2.12nm lap with the wind at around 300 deg. The weather mark was set as 111 which gave a beat of 1.05nm. Two Kinsman and one Squib were first away, followed 6 minutes later by a Formula One. A K6 and a Soling were last to start, fifteen minutes after the first boats.

At first, the wind was reasonable at around seven knots but it softened later to between two and three knots, at the race finish time of seventy five minutes.

Nick Bett made excellent use of the light conditions and was the leading boat at the end of the first round. With the wind dropping, Nick held on to take the bullet with the K6, the Squib, the two Kinsman and the Soling finishing in that order.

The race was started using the cuddy top mounted digital clock under the supervision of the Commodore. It would be good to get sailors views on the clocks positioning, visibility etc. 

Owing to the wind continuing to soften and with an off water time of 15.45, the decision was taken to abandon racing for the day. The K6 was a welcome addition to Saturday’s racing. Hopefully next year we will see more keelboats joining us on Saturdays. Please pass on the word.

During the race, the Commodore and I received a visit from Mike Rust, complete with a prototype mock-up of his latest signal flag display and removal system. Along with Richard Johnson, Mike was closely involved ten years ago with the system currently in use on Rutland 10. Mike is keen to improve the existing system.

Ian Sumner

Published Date: 13th November 2017
Category: News