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Rutland Juniors and slightly older (juniors!) out in force at Firefly Inlands

Congratulations to the 18 juniors out on the water at the weekend taking part in the Firefly Inland Championships. There were 31 boats entered in total, of which 18 were either Rutland boats or crewed by Rutland members. The class really enjoyed their visit and are hoping to come back again sometime soon.

Steve and Jamie Tylecote were the first Rutland boat, finishing 2nd – only 1 point behind the eventual winners Jamie McEwan and Jonquil Hackenberg – Inland Champion. First team sailing in a club boat were Ted Ashworth and Ella Stoggall who apparently spent a lot of the weekend bailing. Toby Smith (9years) put in a sterling effort crewing for  one of the many former National champions sailing at the event. Toby crewed for Ed Smith. In cold and windy conditions they finished all 6 races which was an incredible performance and finished 9th overall. If the photos are anything to go by, he did a lot of hiking out. Oliver McKee (8) was the youngest on the water to sail both days; sailing with dad Andy they had some great bursts of speed, especially down the runs. Oliver tells us dad needs to hike a bit more!

Georgiana Caldicott found herself in the front end of the current National Champions boat. Stepping in for Nigel’s normal crew on the Sunday they got an 8th and 13th finishing 7th overall.

Dillon Beatty (10) was also a complete star. He found himself at the front end of one of the less experienced helm’s boat and with fantastic crewing they managed to finish all 6 races. Some great sprinting across the front lawn too!

Charlie Turnbull (yes we still think of him as a Rutlander!) was crewing for multiple Nationals Champion Stuart Hudson – they took a day to get going but finished with a good run of results on the Sunday, finishing 4th overall.

Also out on the water on Sunday were Annabell ( 8) and Harry (8) both showing exceptional pluck in the face of a cold northerly wind.

There were also some full junior boats out on the water. Izzy Leetch was the youngest helm on the water at just 12 years of age. Sailing with Frankie Nicholson they completed 6 races showing their strength and stamina. Ewan McAnally (14) and Carys Attwell (12) were the first under-18 boat, finishing 22nd overall just ahead of Holly Jones and Ellie Hattam.

 Ben Tylecote was helming on Saturday with ace crew Jon Dixon crewing – they had great speed and won the ‘club boat’ racing that day. Despite a late realisation of an OCS they went back, restarted and still managed to beat me in that race!

Thanks to Solomon Wilby for great crewing and fast learning of the jibstick gybe and to Freya Pembery for coping with some of Tim’s more exciting manoeuvres!

We also need to recognise Thomas Davey who, at 10, was our youngest visitor and who completed all the races on Sunday.

As you know Giles and Colin were out all weekend in the photo rib – keep your eyes open for the photos soon.

Thanks to Richard Pratt for volunteering to be PRO – well done on keeping them in check with a Black Flag,; thanks also to Pete A and Malcolm and the rest of the team out freezing in the safety and mark laying ribs. Thanks to Caroline and Caroline for cakes.

However, more importantly; congratulations to us older folk who haven’t fleet raced a Firefly for quite some time and had forgotten just how hard it is!

Team racing starts next week – hope to see you all back out there!

Published Date: 6th November 2017
Category: News