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Advertising your Boat

Advertisements are managed by the Club office: if you wish to use the facility, please provide the following details by email you may provide the information either in the body of the email or as attachments in the form of an MS_Word document and / or a .jpeg file (in the case of illustrations). Please entitle your email ‘Boats for Sale’.

Required Information

Your Name
Boat class
Sail Number
Date of construction / registration
Current location
Indicative price

You are also encouraged to provide an illustration and a free-text description containing any other relevant information (e.g. condition, trailer/trolley, sails, covers etc.

Please instruct the Office to remove the advertisement once the sale is complete: in any event, your advertisement will be removed automatically after three months, but may then be re-posted as a new entry.

Note that Rutland Sailing Club accepts no liability for advertisements placed on our Web Site: responsibility for the accuracy of the information they contain lies entirely with individual advertisers.

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