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Dinghy Mixed Fleet

The dinghy fleet covers all those sailing boats where there is not yet a fleet. The majority of dinghy sailors fall into this category – there is still plenty to do.

Every Sunday there is club racing and all dinghies can join in this.

Every August we run a Club Holiday week – an opportunity for members of all ages to get together do daft things on the water and generally have a sociable time sailing and playing on the shore  – it is not just for the kids.

If your boat is similar in characteristics to a fleet within the Club you can often take part in their ‘fleet’ activities. For example, at 2000 training we often see 200s, Vagos, etc. So have a look at the other fleet programs as well as straight dinghy information.

If you sail with your children, then take a look at the junior and youth section – perhaps you could join in with some of that.

Perhaps you feel that the dinghy fleet should have a leader – is that you?

If so contact John Fothergill at to discuss.

Laser 4000 – a two man dinghy with single trapeze. Fast twitchy dinghy with asymmetric spinnaker. Can be raced by a variety of weight combinations. A good first trapeze boat and brilliant in strong breeze. Contact: Tim Litt

RS400 – a two man sitting out dinghy. A fast racing boat with asymmetric spinnaker. Can be raced by a heavier weight combination than the Laser 4000. Requires a good level of strength and fitness.

RS800 – a two man two trapeze dinghy. A high performance skiff requiring agility and quick reactions – most suitable for lighter weight combinations – quite often sailed by husband and wife combinations.

Musto Performance Skiff – single handed, single trapeze dinghy. Fast and furious , requiring high levels of skill, fitness and strength. Only for the nuttiest, best sailors – we have a number of them here including the World Champion! Contact: Kit Stenhouse