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Junior Sailing

RSC Youth Winter Squad Training

This winter the club is running for the younger members a winter training programme. The initial aim is for it to be similar to the squads but without the travelling. It is aimed at sailors who are able to sail upwind in most conditions and have done a little racing who want to improve their technique and gain experience and time on the water. Without winter training most sailors do lose some of the ground that they made during the warmer months. So joining in this should start your next season off better than you finished it.

The training will involve setting the boats up for various conditions, fitness, developing and improving key sailing skills and racing techniques. The emphasis will be on making you a better sailor. There are places for 8 young sailors on this programme. If there is over subscription there may be the option to run a separate group for those with less experience. If there is not sufficient uptake the programme can be scaled back (less dates) or cancelled.

Junior / Youth Preferred Classes – Contact Fiona Tylecote

Optimist – The classic single handed junior boat, available in wood, fibreglass and plastic. The boat is stable even in strong winds and is ideal for the smaller/younger sailor to both learn the basics and race competitively. The Optimist is one of the RYA’s recognised junior pathway classes, with regional and national squad training and racing. Most Olympic sailors started in Optimists!

Topper – Single handed junior boat, great fun and good to race. Made of injection moulded polypropylene, making the boat strong and almost maintenance free! A recognised RYA junior pathway class, with regional and national squad training and racing. The largest junior racing fleet at Rutland.

Pico – Primarily a single handed junior boat but a small jib can be rigged and the boat sailed two up. The thermoplastic hull is almost indestructible! A great introductory boat, used by the Sailing School and a popular choice at Rutland.

RS Feva – A two-person hiking asymmetric junior boat. An exciting and safe introduction to gennaker-sailing. Plus the variety of rig options provide excellent flexibility. The RYA has also recently adopted the Feva as a recognised junior class.

Laser 4.7/ Radial/ Standard – The Laser is a one-design single hander. Three simple, interchangeable rigs take the growing sailor from the Optimist or Topper to an introduction to youth sailing with the 4.7 rig and then to full youth sailing in the Radial with the final step to the full rig.

29er – The high performance youth boat. A ‘no-holds-barred’ skiff designed along the same sleek lines as its big sister, the 49er. Whilst not a beginners boats, the 29er provides sparkling performance at an affordable price for lighter crews, making this an ideal boat for teenagers. It is also a recognised RYA youth class, with regional and national squad training and racing. Contact: Charlie Stowe

Easter Camp 2017

38 of our club juniors ranging in age from 6 to 15 took part in the Easter camp at Rutland SC from  – Tuesday – Friday .
The aim of the few days is to get the kids back on the water – to give them confidence in their abilities and to remind them of all the friends they have at Rutland SC or indeed to make some more.
Staying in the club accommodation helps to cement these friendship groups and gives opportunities for different abilities and ages to mix.
The kids were split into Inshore and Offshore groups. They got to sail their own boats and had the opportunity to try many others. On offer were a mix of Optimists, Open Bics, Teras , Fevas, 420s and Laser 3000s and manned 2000s. The kids got to try any boat they wished, within reason, and often an additional man was added to enable younger kids to get the feel of a faster boat. When conditions got windier adults took some of the younger ones for a sail in a 2000.
Many of the kids started off a bit nervous – most had not sailed that year. They started off sailing between the pontoons and off into East Creek – by the end of the 3 days the formally known as the ‘Inshore ‘group had made it round the water tower and back under their own steam. The smiles of satisfaction were amazing.
The older ones were seen planing around in Fevas, 420s and Laser 3000s, challenging themselves on the Oakham slalom course.
To ensure that all the kids involved get an opportunity to stretch themselves but also to ensure that they are safe and more importantly supported throughout the ratios of adult to child are high. Every parent is expected to help out going on the water or being shore support. The coaches for the week are also parents of those taking part.
The kids too are expected to help each other. Every morning the older and more experienced sailors sail the boats for the less experienced group round to their sailing area. This means there is no risk of scares as they try to leave the beach and no issues with having to sail upwind. The less experienced kids can then start reaching and build on this if the conditions allow. The older ones then sail the boats back round at the end of the day. The only boat that every child on the camp had sailed by the end of the week was an Optimist.
We are revising the 2017 programme to try to provide the best all round sailing opportunities for the kids involved. Come and get involved! 

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Giles Smith took the photos in the gallery below.